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Useful Things To Know About The Maldives

Are you heading to paradise soon? We are so excited for you and want you to have the most unforgettable time!

That's why we've put together this detailed guide explaining the things you need to know before travelling to The Maldives - in order to have a relaxed, stress-free, incredible getaway that you truly deserve!


How many islands are there in The Maldives?

There are approximately 1,200 islands in The Maldives - we know right? There are endless white-sanded islands to explore. To make things easier, these islands are split into 26 atolls. Every atoll has different characteristics, if you want to know more read our guide to the Maldivian atolls.

Is there bad weather in The Maldives?

You may think it is all sunshine and blue skies in The Maldives, but there are actually two seasons that you should be aware of: dry season (from November to April) and wet season (May to October). For more details about the weather and seasons in The Maldives please read this blog post.

Are there mosquitos and other insects in The Maldives?

You do get a few mosquitos, but not many. We would recommend brining some insect repellant just in case! They often bite around sunset time. Concerning other insects, you will sometimes find the odd cockroach but they do not fly and are scurry away when they see you.

What language do Maldivians' speak, can they speak English?

Dhivehi (Maldivian) is the national language of The Maldives and it has its own alphabetic system. Most Maldivians speak fluent English, they are taught it at school and often need it to be able to secure a job in the hospitality industry. If you want to learn a few useful Dhivehi words, here are a few useful phrases:

Some useful Dhivehi words

  • Hello Assalaam Alaikum

  • How are you? Haalu Kihineh

  • Good Rangalhu

  • I am going Aharen Dhanee

  • Thank you Shukuriyya

  • You’re welcome Maruhabaa

  • Where? Koba

  • What? Kikeh

  • What time is it? Gadin kihaa ireh

  • Goodbye Wakivanee

  • Water Fen

  • Sunday Aadheetha

  • Monday Hoama

  • Tuesday Angaara

  • Wednesday Budha

  • Thursday Buraasfathi

  • Friday Hukuru

  • Saturday Honihiru

  • Day Dhuvas

When is the weekend in The Maldives?

The weekend in The Maldives is actually from Friday to Saturday. Friday is a holy day in the country and cafes, restaurants, shops may be closed on certain local islands. Certain ferries may also be not working on Fridays. During the week, shops are usually open from 9am to 6pm.

What can I wear in The Maldives?

In resorts, you can wear whatever you like! Most people bring smart, casual outfits for fancy dinners and during the day lounge in their swimwear and soak up the sun. On local islands, to avoid too many looks and to avoid offending Maldivians, make sure to cover up a bit. Wear long bottoms and a t-shirt, just don't walk through a local island wearing just a bikini, as this is against the law. However, it is fine to do this on designated bikini beaches on local islands. In fact, most local islands have bikini beaches nowadays and are much more tourist-friendly.

Is Wi-Fi available everywhere?

Your Wi-Fi needs will be fulfilled in resorts and hotels. However, if you are out and about, we recommend purchasing a cheap SIM card with Dhiraagu or Ooredoo, which can easily be done at the airport, at your resort or on your local island.


Do I need to get vaccinated?

There are no compulsory vaccinations for travelling to The Maldives. If you want to be safe, definitely speak to your doctor and get their advice. They will usually advise that some vaccinations should be up to date, including but not limited to: Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Hepatitis A and B.

Do I need a VISA for The Maldives?

Yes, but it's super easy! You will receive a free 30 Day Tourist Visa upon arrival from Maldives Immigration. This Visa is provided to all nationalities but Maldives Immigration may ask you to show the below documents upon entry into Maldives, so be prepared! Make sure to:

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months

  • Fill out an arrival card given to you by your airline in the airplane

  • Have a confirmed reservation for every night of your trip

  • Proof of a departing flight

What items are prohibited in The Maldives?

Due to the fact that The Maldives is a Muslim country, don't bring the following items into the country:

  • Alcohol

  • Pork

  • Pornography

  • Pets

  • Religious materials (non-muslim)