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Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Festive Season In The Maldives

Have you always dreamt about spending Christmas and New Year's in a tropical paradise?

The Maldives is no doubt a hotspot during the festive season! There is just something so memorable and exciting about spending this magical time of year, end of December to beginning January, in the sunny side of life, far away from the usual, freezing, cold winter.

There are copious options for your festive holiday in The Maldives, from luxurious to budget friendly options, which will surely make you feel right at home in this tropical haven!

So, why should you seriously consider The Maldives for your festive paradise getaway? Find out 5 reasons below:

1. Resorts go all out this time of year!

Each Resort has its own unique way of making your Christmas the best one yet. From Christmas Eve until New Year, you can expect fun filled programmes with incredible activities and experiences for all guests.

From celebrating Christmas with Santa and his elves, Christmas Tree decorating, cookie making, to a special New Year’s Eve dinner by the shore, under the twinkling skies, followed by an unforgettable NYE Party... The tropical festivities in The Maldives won't fail to amaze you!

There is a myriad of festive season travel packages that you can choose from which are all inclusive of meals and entertainment!

2. It is a "White Christmas" after all!

A white tropical Christmas, just without the cold and damp surroundings is going to make your Christmas extra special. With powdery white beaches, crystal clear waters and calming blue skies, The Maldives is the ultimate destination for the festive season. The powdery white sand is just like the snow in winter, only with a beautiful sunny weather!

3. Party into the New Year, like never before

Whether you prefer to have a chill staycation during the festive season or if you would prefer to party till sundown, the options in The Maldives are endless.

Sunset cocktails, gala dinners, dancing under the stars, fireworks, and memorable countdown parties are few of the things you can enjoy to the fullest during your festive vacation. Starting the New Year with unparalleled views of the tranquil Maldives would surely be unbeatable!

4. Fantastic weather during festive season

The rainy season subsides towards the start of the festive season and sunny days welcome us all the way to the new year! January is the best month of the year, giving beautiful tropical weather with little to no rainfall, making each day a day of fun in the sun! Sunshine and blue skies are expected making it perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the azure waters.

5. Kids won't be bored either!

During the festive season, Resorts put in a lot of effort to plan activities filled with exciting and fun things for their most beloved guests, the kids! Christmas tree decorating, activities with Santa Claus, and artistic activities like cookie decorating and painting sessions are on top of the festivities. Kids can also enjoy watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve which is going to make the season so memorable for them!

Let’s escape to paradise and make it your home this festive season, celebrating the end of a beautiful year, with delightful culinary adventures, infinite ocean views and serene beauty that will revitalize your mind, body, and soul, making you ready to take on 2023!

Ready to fly out to The Maldives? Let's plan you dream trip!

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