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Weather & Seasons In The Maldives

Are you confused about the weather and seasons in The Maldives? Perhaps you're wondering when the best time to visit this paradise is?

To be honest, all 365 days of the year are great to visit The Maldives, and no matter the month, The Maldives remains a hot and ideal destination throughout the length of the year.

However, you should still be aware of the different seasons that appear in The Maldives throughout the year, as well as how best to prepare for tropical Maldivian weather. Here is a quick guide to the weather and seasons in The Maldives.

How hot is it in The Maldives?

Throughout the length of the year, you will be greeted by consistent 30° degrees days in The Maldives. Make sure to pack light-weight clothing, sun cream and exchange those heels for some flip-flops. During the day, the temperature averages at around 28° degrees celsius and in the evening, it can drop to 26° degrees celsius - this is all year round!

Are there seasons in The Maldives?

Yes, there is a dry season from November to April and a wet season from May to October. Along with these seasons, come the peak and low season for tourism in The Maldives. Therefore, most tourist facilities will charge higher prices for stays between November and April, especially during the festive season through to Easter. This is the busiest time to visit The Maldives simply because the weather is at its best, with sunshine and very little rain everyday.


November to April

Pros of travelling to The Maldives during dry season:

  • Sunshine every day, very little rain

  • Calm ocean, little waves and high ocean clarity (fabulous for snorkelling, diving and more!)

  • Many international flight options as this is the peak tourism season (you might find some good flight deals due to high availability - if you book in advance.)

Cons of travelling to The Maldives during dry season:

  • A definite surge in prices for tourist facility accommodation

  • Due to peak season, more likely to have expensive international flights

  • The calm ocean during this time means it is not the best time for surfing

This means that the cheapest time to visit The Maldives, is during low season (wet season) from May to October. Apart from the unfavourable weather conditions, there are benefits to travelling in The Maldives during wet season.


May to October

Pros of travelling to the Maldives during wet season:

  • The fascinating Manta Season begins in Hanifaru Bay during wet season, increasing your chances of swimming with mantas and whale sharks in The Maldives. Although it is true that these marine animals can be spotted all year round.

  • Surfing season is better, you will find good swells and favourable winds.

  • The wind is great for certain water-sports, windsurfing, kitesurfing etc.

  • There will still be plenty of sunshine during wet season, and it will not rain every day.

  • International flights will be cheaper to The Maldives during the wet season.

Cons of travelling to the Maldives during wet season:

  • More likely to endure rainstorms, windy and cloudy days. Beware of coconuts falling off of the trees!

  • More likely to have rough ocean conditions, which can delay excursions, dives, day trips and more.

We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions!

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