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Top Photography Spots in Malé, The Maldives

Malé may not strike you as a very photogenic city, as it is mostly known for its busy, chaotic, and crowded streets, lined with a plethora of multicoloured buildings constituting of a vibrant, concrete jungle.

Nevertheless, you'd be surprised that there is indeed beauty nestled within this remarkable city, you just need a little patience to see it!

Here are the Top Photography Spots in Malé, the busy capital of The Maldives - with all the photos having been taken by our wonderful team at Maldives Secrets.

Malé from above, captured with a drone

1. The most impressive view, we would have to say is from above.

While it is strictly forbidden to fly a drone in Malé due to seaplanes landing and taking off (unless you have a special permit from the Government), you can take a 1-minute ferry to the neighbouring island of Villingili and capture the city from above. We took these images last week and were really pleased with the outcome!

Malé from above, captured with a drone

2. Fruit Market

Colourful, busy and authentic - you can get some fantastic photos of the Fruit Market that is located next to the harbour and Fish Market. You will also be surprised by the abundance of fresh fruits on display, why not buy a coconut and drink it whilst you wander around the market?

The Fruit Market, bustling with life and colour...

3. Artificial Beach

You may not think that the beaches in Malé would be worth it, but we’re here to prove you wrong! It is worth coming by here and taking a few photos of the striking contrast between the white sanded shoreline and the dramatic skyscrapers in the background. The locals love it here and will go swimming, surfing, snorkelling - why not join in on the fun too?

The beauty of the artificial beach in Malé

Spot surfers as they attempt to ride the waves

4. Islamic Centre, Nov 3rd Memorial and Sultan’s Park

You can see many historical and cultural sights in this area, we recommend walking around and seeing what catches your eye for a photo. The golden dome of the Islamic Centre, the leafy trees of Sultan’s Park… Immerse yourself in Maldivian culture and history, get to know the country and the people and let your photographic inspiration follow!

The Islamic Centre

November 3rd Memorial from the Terrorist Attacks

5. The Oldest Mosque in Malé

Nearby, you will find the Oldest Mosque in Malé - you can only visit it if you’re properly covered up with long trousers and long sleeves. So if you plan on going, be prepared. It is a fascinating sight, dating back centuries and very well preserved.

The Oldest Mosque in Malé

6. The Tsunami Monument

The Tsunami of 2004 affected everyone in The Maldives. With a death toll of 82 people and houses, shops, restaurants crumbled from the devastation, many people suffered immensely across the country. Located next to the ferry terminal to go to Villingili, the Tsunami Monument is a unique sight and worth taking a photo of.

The Tsunami Monument

7. The busy, charming streets

Perhaps a controversial photography point, but we love taking photos of the stunningly hectic streets of Malé. If you’re into street photography, Malé is a heaven for you. So much is going on, so many colours, people and lights. So much movement. We personally love to capture ‘pretty’ things like the amount of greenery in the streets or the pastel colours of the buildings.