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Top 8 Things To Do In Gulhi, Maldives

In January 2022, we had a wonderful few days on the enchanting local island of Gulhi. Ideally located just a 25-minute speedboat ride from Malé, this local island makes for a perfect, budget getaway.

The island is small and hosts 900 inhabitants, with around 8 guesthouses and several cafés and restaurants. Gulhi is more developed than other islands and the locals are friendly, welcoming tourists with open arms.

Note that there is no ATM on the island, so you must withdraw local currency from the airport before you go.

Watch our YouTube video of our recent trip there!

What to do in Gulhi?

Here are the top 8 things to do on this beautiful island!

1. Enjoy the beautiful bikini beach

To say that we were surprised by the bikini beach is an understatement! (You can see our live reaction in our YouTube video) The bikini beach is huge, clean, with soft sand and a stunning aquamarine lagoon… It is one of the best bikini beaches we have seen on local islands so far.

You can lounge here, on the sand or on a sun lounger (ask your guesthouse if they provide sun loungers) and read your book, tan and enjoy life! You can truly relax with the sounds of waves, the birds and the warmth of the tropical breeze.

2. Support the locals at the souvenir market

Gulhi hosts an impressive market