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Top 8 Things To Do In Gulhi, Maldives

In January 2022, we had a wonderful few days on the enchanting local island of Gulhi. Ideally located just a 25-minute speedboat ride from Malé, this local island makes for a perfect, budget getaway.

The island is small and hosts 900 inhabitants, with around 8 guesthouses and several cafés and restaurants. Gulhi is more developed than other islands and the locals are friendly, welcoming tourists with open arms.

Note that there is no ATM on the island, so you must withdraw local currency from the airport before you go.

Watch our YouTube video of our recent trip there!

What to do in Gulhi?

Here are the top 8 things to do on this beautiful island!

1. Enjoy the beautiful bikini beach

To say that we were surprised by the bikini beach is an understatement! (You can see our live reaction in our YouTube video) The bikini beach is huge, clean, with soft sand and a stunning aquamarine lagoon… It is one of the best bikini beaches we have seen on local islands so far.

You can lounge here, on the sand or on a sun lounger (ask your guesthouse if they provide sun loungers) and read your book, tan and enjoy life! You can truly relax with the sounds of waves, the birds and the warmth of the tropical breeze.

2. Support the locals at the souvenir market

Gulhi hosts an impressive market which is packed with amazing hand crafted souvenirs. From jewellery, to coconut bowls, to clothing and fridge magnets… It is lovely to support the locals and spend some money at the market. It will truly make their day!

3. Go on snorkelling excursions

The snorkelling excursions are vast in Gulhi, although we didn’t have time to go on one ourselves, there is a great variety of excursions such as turtle snorkelling, manta ray snorkelling, coral garden snorkelling and more.

There are also the excursions available such as dolphin cruises, fishing trips, trips to Maafushi or even Resort day trips…

4. Wake up with sunrise yoga on the beach

One experience we thoroughly enjoyed during our time in Gulhi, was a sunrise yoga session. There is no better way to start the day than with some healing meditation on the beach, with the warm rays of sun caressing your face. Anna, the Manager of Beach Walk Villa (where we stayed) is a certified Yoga instructor and was incredible in delivering a peaceful, healing experience on the beach. 100% recommend!

5. Try out some thrilling water sports

At the Gulhi Bikini Beach, you will find a vast range of water sports which is perfect for family fun and thrill seekers! Try the banana boat, jet ski’s… or something a little more relaxed like kayaking or paddle boarding - the choice is yours!

6. See the nurse sharks

In the evening, you will be able to sport nurse sharks by the jetty area (with all the speedboats and fishing boats) - you can come here after your dinner to marvel at these friendly creatures as they rummage for food in the shallow ocean. Don’t get too close though as they might mistake your fingers for some food!

7. Watch the sunset from South Beach

We found a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down, there is a picture perfect palm tree there too! One of our favourite things to do when we are on holiday, is to watch the sunset everyday - it fills us with an immense sense of gratitude!

8. Play volleyball with the locals!

Everyday at 5pm there is a volleyball match that tourists are more than welcome to join in! This is a really fun activity, you can work up a sweat after having lounged on the beach and make friends with to lovely locals. The volleyball court is right next to Beach Walk Villa, and there is also seating around the court if you prefer just to watch.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, and we hope this motivates you to visit the amazing local island of Gulhi! A stay in Gulhi island will fascinate you and provide a local, cultural Maldivian holiday experience!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the travelling to The Maldives on a budget and hopefully it has inspired you to help, discover and be more aware of them! Here's a little bit more about us, Maldives Secrets, and what we do:

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- Maldives Secrets Team


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