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Top Photography Spots in Hulhumale, The Maldives

Hulhumale is definitely an up and coming place to be in The Maldives, right next to the capital, you have everything you could desire on this artificial island. Shops, restaurants, cafes, beautiful beaches, water sports and so much more will keep you entertained when visiting Hulhumale.

Now, for all the photographers and content creators out there... You might be wondering, what are the best photography spots in Hulhumale? Read on to find out!

1. The swings along Hulhumale Beach

Along the main beach, you will find numerous swings - known as Undolhi in Dhivehi - and they are perfect for beach photos. The swing pictured below is one of our favourites as it hangs from a cute tree that provides the perfect amount of shade on a sunny day! Simply walk along the beach and you will find many undolhi's - you can choose which one you like best!

2. The futuristic Bridge leading to Phase 2

For some modern, futuristic looking photos, definitely head to this Bridge that connects Hulhumale to Hulhumale Phase 2. The white architecture contracts with the bright blue skies and makes for a unique and different photo of Hulhumale.

3. The Wall Art

There are many beautiful pieces of wall art that you may come across whilst wondering around Hulhumale. One of the most noticeable ones, is this one - it is located on the beach front and makes for a super cool and artistic photo!

4. The Beautiful Beach

Hulhumale Beach alone is a stunning place to snap some photos. We recommend going there in the morning, as it's usually super quiet then (except on Fridays, when the locals go for they weekly swim here). This particular photo was taken next to the Beach Club, but you can find many pretty spots like this one along the beach.

5. Central Park

Central Park, is a beautiful green space in the centre of Hulhumale. It's the ideal place to go for a walk, enjoy the greenery, clear your mind or maybe even do some yoga. It has wonderful additions, such as the authentic Maldivian vase pictured below - it usually has water pouring out if it, like a waterfall, but it wasn't working when we visited to take photos. There is also a cute bridge that crosses a lily pond. Overall, a super cute park that provides great photo opportunities!

6. Fihuroanu Magu

Fihuroanu Magu is a long road in Hulhumale which is famous due to its tall and leafy trees that form a green tunnel as you drive along. It might take you by surprise to see so much green in The Maldives and it is true this road kind of reminds us of the forests in Europe. It's definitely a unique feature in Hulhumale and worth photographing!

7. Bioluminescent Plankton on Hulhumale Beach

One of the most magical experiences in The Maldives is in fact witnessing Bioluminescent Plankton on the beach at night. This photo was taken back in December 2020, when there was an abundance of plankton washing up on the shores of Hulhumale. It was an incredible sight. Read our full guide here about seeing Bioluminescent Plankton in The Maldives!

8. Coconut Palm Tree Square, in front of Hulhumale Swimming Track

This square doesn't actually have a name, but we are naming it 'Coconut Palm Tree Square' because it has many beautiful and tall palms with coconuts and you can also buy a fresh coconut at the shop on the corner and enjoy it with a view overlooking the beach. Here you can get some great shots of palm trees, local life, the beach and more!

9. Beachfront Streets

The beachfront streets in Hulhumale are so colourful, leafy and pretty. If you're into street photography, definitely venture around these vibrant streets and you'll be surprised by the amount of things you will want to photograph. Cute cafés, wall art, local life, surfers and more...

10. The Ornate & Beautiful Mosques

Finally, one of the most beautiful things to photograph are the incredible and magnificent mosques that are dotted around Hulhumale. All built in different colours and styles, you will find that photographing the mosques cannot go wrong. When taking photographs, it is important to be respectful of the locals and respect their place of worship.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Top Photography Spots in Hulhumale and hopefully it has inspired you to take some great photographs of this place!

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