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Top 10 Water Sports in The Maldives

Are you a water sports lover and a thrill-seeker? Well, you're in luck because The Maldives serves the finest array of fun water activities that will keep you entertained and energised for the duration of your stay in paradise!

The Maldives has the most perfect conditions in the world for water sports, with its calm, water waters. Perhaps you're wondering what the best water sports are in The Maldives? Keep on reading for the Top 10 Water Sports in The Maldives!

1. Jetski

The calm and crystal clear waters of The Maldives are exactly what jetskis were made for! You will feel an immense sense of freedom as soon as you jet off across the pristine ocean on a rapid jet ski. This activity is great for couples, families as well as solo travellers. Usually, you can rent a jet ski for 15, 30 or 45 minutes - depending on your needs and budget! Bear in mind that renting a jet ski can be a little bit pricey!

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun, must-do activity when in The Maldives. Imagine kayaking around the little island you're staying on and seeing it from all possible angles! We definitely recommend bringing someone with you when kayaking in case you get tired and want to rest without drifting away from the island. Safety first! If you're lucky, the island you're staying on might have a glass-bottom kayak - perfect for mesmerising photos of The Maldives! Kayaking is usually one of the most affordable water sports in The Maldives.

3. Parasailing

Probably the most unforgettable water sport to do in The Maldives, is parasailing! In real life, you will experience mesmerising panoramic views of the islands and lagoons. The views that only birds, seaplanes and drones can see! Although it comes at a price, parasailing is a special activity that we'd recommend doing with a loved one - believe us, you'll be mind blown by the incredible views! If you can, bring a Go Pro along to capture the fantastic views.

4. Sea bob

Have you every heard of sea-bobbing before? It's a relatively new water-sport which consists of being dragged around in the sea, you can choose to float on the surface or go underwater - or alternate between both! It's super fun and is definitely worth experiencing if you're a thrill seeker and water lover!

5. Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddling is a therapeutic, calming activity - especially in The Maldives. The most enjoyable time to go paddle boarding is when the sea is completely calm and flat. It will be much easier to keep your balance and enjoy the scenic views when paddle boarding in the right conditions. Usually, island have calm, turquoise lagoons which provide the perfect area to paddle board. We wouldn't recommend paddle boarding in rougher conditions, as it won't be a very enjoyable experience! Paddle Boarding is also a very affordable water sport in The Maldives.

6. Pedalo

Enjoy a leisurely ride across the sea with a Pedal or 'Paddle Boat'. This activity not only provides a strong leg workout but is also a very affordable water sport to enjoy whilst holidaying in The Maldives. Who needs a gym anyway?!

7. Catamaran

Enjoy a stunning Catamaran Cruise across the Indian Ocean, soak in the breeze, the views, the sea... You might even spot a dolphin or two!

8. Surfing

The Maldives has some fantastic surf spots. Depending on where you go, you will find some beautiful waves to surf. We recommend surfing in North Malé Atoll or Ghaafu Dhaalu Atoll, both these places have the best surfing spots in the country!

9. Wake boarding & Water Skiing

It takes some practise to master these two activities, but what better place to practise than in The Maldives? The warm and crystal clear water provides perfect conditions for falling into the sea and mastering wake boarding and water skiing. These sports provide a sensation like no other!

10. Banana Boat / Floaties

Nothing says family fun more than renting a floatie and being dragged along by a speedboat at full speed whilst you grip onto the handles trying not to fall into the water! Guaranteed laughter with your family and definitely an activity to remember!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Top 10 Water Sports in The Maldives and hopefully it has inspired you to do some of these amazing water sports during your trip to paradise!

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