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6 Unique Weddings To Have In The Maldives

Spending the most important day of your life in the dreamiest of places sound like the ultimate dream come true.

The Maldives is paradise on earth and the ultimate island destination to spend your big day. Exchanging vows and celebrating your love among the pristine flora and fauna of The Maldives would be one of the best ways to rejoice this important milestone.

A Maldivian wedding is true luxury at its finest, but the good news is that it is for everyone as there are so many options to choose from. One might think a beach wedding is the only type of wedding you can have in the Maldives, but there’s so much more and its just one booking away!

A gorgeous beach wedding

It is no secret that Maldives is home to the most idyllic beaches in the world and we can’t think of a more perfect backdrop than this. The pristine white sandy beach, turquoise waters and dancing palm trees make up for a quintessential view as you and your loved ones gather for a momentum of joy.

A truly magical sandbank wedding

Maldives is home to an array of beautiful sandbanks, each so unique yet captivating on their own. Saying your I Do’s at a sandbank, surrounded by the pure untouched natural beauty would be so magical, especially at sunset. Imagine beautiful pastel colors filling up the sky as the sun sets on the horizon and as it brings nightfall, you’ll be under a blanket of stars. Can it get any magical than this?

Go local and have a dhoani wedding

Setting sail on the Indian Ocean against the gentle crashing of waves is a thrilling experience and one for the books! The idea of embarking on a journey in the pristine waters that surround Maldives just like the start of your life together is straight out of a fairy tale.

Local island community wedding

Maldivians are the friendliest and the most warm-heartedly welcoming people you will ever meet. Having a local community wedding will feature some classics in Maldivian celebrations such as Boduberu and an array of Maldivian food. It would be a celebration involving the rich Maldivian culture and tradition, giving you an experience of a life time!

A luxurious yacht wedding

Exchanging your vows and promising your love to one another as you cruise through the azure waters of The Maldives in a private charter is truly the epitome of luxury. The gentle music that is created as the waves gently crash against the yacht would be so soothing as you welcome a new chapter of your life. With unbeatable crew, service, food and views, a yacht wedding in the Maldives is simply unbeatable!

A unique underwater wedding

The Maldives is famous for its enchanting underwater world and getting to celebrate your wedding surrounded by the rich sea life is a very unique way to do this. It would be a thrilling experience to host it in one of the famous underwater restaurants that The Maldives is known for. It is for sure that you would not be needing a backdrop when you are surrounded by schools of fish and colorful corals.

Thus, a destination wedding in The Maldives would also mean that you don’t need to fly afar to celebrate your honeymoon. Afterall, The Maldives is known to be one of best honeymoon destinations. Our only advise is that you get a drone videographer and a photographer who will be capturing the beautiful moments as you celebrate in one of the most charming and magical places in the world!


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