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How To Spend A Day In Malé, The Capital Of The Maldives

Malé, the capital of The Maldives, is a bustling city with a variety of things to see and do.

It might be packed and densely populated but you will be surprised how much fun you can have in this city in just one day!

From historical places to local markets and the cutest cafes, Male’ will keep you entertained with so many things to explore. We have carefully curated a list of things to keep you entertained for a day:

1. Breakfast like a Maldivian!

There are so many options for breakfast in Male’ but our top advice is to go local. Head down to the Alimas Carnival, a place which was previously operated as an amusement park, later turned into a hub of small cafes, with some overlooking the beautiful ocean. Here you can find a variety of local restaurants and cafes serving up the classic Maldivian dish called Mashuni and Roshi. This dish paired with a sweet black tea is the breakfast of champions, at least in the Maldives. It is a no brainer. Ocean views, sea breeze and a good breakfast which is not heavy on the wallet is the ultimate way to start up your day!

2. Take a walk along the marine drive of Male’

Walking on the marine drive of Male’ city is lovely, it is not crowded, especially on weekdays. You’ll be greeted by the sea breeze, giving you the perfect coolness from the heat. The marine drive, named as Boduthakurufaanu Magu, surrounds the whole city, so if you’re up for a work out, you can opt to walk around the city, which would roughly take an hour or so, as Male’ is just around 3.2 sq kilometers in size.

3. Enjoy the views of the marine road

As you walk around the Boduthakurufaanu Magu, you’ll see some of the important places in Male’, such as the Izzuddheen Jetty (Izzuddheen Faalan), which will not go unnoticed as it proudly stands out due to the design. It is designed to look like the sails of a historic sailboat which played an important role in the independence of the Maldives. Right across from the Jetty, you can see the Republic Square (Jumhooree Maidhaan) where you can watch the great flag of Maldives dancing to the warm breeze.

4. Visit the Grand Friday Mosque

Grand Friday Mosque, named after Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam, was built in 1984. Standing out with its golden dome, the interiors are amazing too! With stunning wood carvings and calligraphy work both on the inside and the outside as well. Boasting in the stunning views of this white marble mosque is a must when in Male’!

Another mosque to visit is The Hukuru Miskiy - one of the oldest and most impressive, with intricate carvings and beautiful calligraphy.

5. Enjoy some shade in the Sultan Park

Sultan Park is situated right next to the Grand Friday Mosque, with lush greenery and a peaceful atmosphere. This is a haven in the heart of this busy city, almost like an escape into a safe sanctuary. Featuring benches, a kids play area, fish ponds and trees that are centuries old, this place is the best place to sit and unwind with a refreshing cold drink and a snack.

6. Lunch with stunning ocean views

Having lunch as you watch the beautiful Maldivian sea sounds like luxury at its finest. There are so many good restaurants all over Male’ city that has the stunning views of the ocean that it would often be hard to choose which one to go to. Some restaurants like Salt, City Garden, Sea House, Citron, and Pomelo are on top of our list.

7. Relax by the beach

Male’ city has 2 artificial beaches, located on each end. The Artificial beach is a beautiful beach to go for a dip or just sit and relax with the sound of the waves and the beautiful view featuring the Sinamale’ Bridge. The salty breeze is guaranteed to revitalize you after walking in the sun!

8. Head down to the local market

The local market in Male’ is rich with a variety of Maldivian produce. Fruits, vegetables, fish products and a variety of local snacks are available in the local market if you are up for some exploring. If you feel too thirsty, get a fresh coconut from one of the stalls which will surely energize you for the rest of the day. Trying some of the local Maldivian delicacies sold at the market will also be refreshing for your palette as there are so many flavours and types, from spicy to sweet!

9. End your day in a joali in Rasfannu

Rasfannu features another artificial beach but also is one of the best spots to watch the sunset. With stunning views of the nearby islands and boats as the sun sets on the horizon, the best way to enjoy the sunset is by lounging in one of the Joali (traditional seating made from Coir Rope and wood) that are carefully placed all over Rasfannu.

10. Take a walk on the bridge

Sinamale bridge has a side walk with railings which allows people to walk on the bridge. At night, this is a great place to watch the moon and the twinkling lights of Male’ city from a bit far, surely a good way to end the day, don’t you think?

Despite being known as one of the densely populated cities, Male’ is worth a visit, with friendly locals and many places to explore! These are some of the top activities in Malé, Maldives, whether you're interested in history and culture, or just want to spend some time in nature. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful city

We hope you found this useful! Feel free to contact us for any more information.

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Blog Post written by Aishath Maesha


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