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How To Read & Write Thaana (Dhivehi Script)

Thaana is the Maldivian (Dhivehi) alphabet that is used in The Maldives as the official form of writing. The Thaana alphabet, has consonants and vowels derived from indigenous and Arabic numerals.

Yes we know, the Thaana alphabet looks completely different to anything you may have seen before... On top of that, there are very minimal resources to learn about Thaana online...

So, that is why we have decided to try our best and teach what we know about it. We have also made a video to explain in greater detail how Thaana works:

Things to know about Thaana

  1. Thaana is written and read from right to left

  2. The consonants and vowels are written together and form one syllable in a word - e.g.:

Bodu = ބޮޑު

BO = ބޮ
DU = ޑު

Please find below the consonants and vowels that are used in the Thaana alphabet:

  1. Consonants