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The Most Useful Dhivehi (Maldivian) Phrases

It's Dhivehi Language Day!

Today, April 14th 2022, is Dhivehi Language Day. We found out about this special day recently and figured that we have to celebrate it this year, especially considering that Dhivehi plays a vital part of our lives here in The Maldives!

Let’s celebrate this special day with a blog post teaching you the most useful Dhivehi phrases.

Good morning: Baajjaa veri hendhuneh

Good evening: Baajjaa veri haveereh

How are you?: Haalu, kihineh?

What's the matter? : Kihineh vee?

What is your name?: Kon nameh kiyany?

What is the name of this island? : Mi rashah kiyany kon nameh

This is beautiful: Meethi varah reethi

Ingey: Okay?

Dho: Yes?

What would you like to eat?: Koaccheh kaan beynumi?

Maldivian food: Dhivehi keun

This is tasty: Meethi varah meeru

I like it: Ahannah e kamudhey

I don't like it: Ahannah e kamaku nudhey

How much is this? : Kihaa vareh? / Kihavarakah?

That costs too much: Maa agu bodu

What is he/ she saying? : Eynaa bunee keekey?

Who is he / she? : E ee kaaku?

Excuse me / sorry: Maaf kurey

Thank you: Shukuriyyaa

Thank you so much: Varah bodah shukuriyyaa

You are welcome: Kaley ah maruhabaa

Goodbye: Vakivelanee

What time is it?: Gadin kihaa ireh?

How long does it take?: Kihaa ireh nagaa?

Where are we now?: Aharemen mihaaru mi thibee konthaku?

I am in a hurry: Aharen mi ulhenee varah avas aruvaalaigen

Please be quick: Avas koh dheythi

Please stop!: Huttaala dhee!

Can I go diving?: Ahannah feenan dheveyne tha?

Can I go for a swim?: Ahannah fathan dheveyne tha?

How many people live here?: Mithaa kithah meehun ulhey?

I will come again: Aharen adhi annaanan

What happened?: Kihineh vee?

Is there a hospital?: Mithaa hasfathaal eh hureytha?

Where is it?: Eythi kobaa?

Here it is: Miothee

Be careful: Faruvaa bahattaathi

Where is the toilet?: Faakhaanaa kobaa?

I want to wash my hands: Aharen aiy dhonnan beynun

Just a minute: Dhee minute eh

Where is the shop? : Koba fihaara?

When does it open? : Ethan hulhuvanee kon irakun?

Please repeat: Adhi eh faharul kiyai dhee

Will you show me the way?: Aharen dhaane magu kaley bunedheefaanan tha?

It is very late: Mihaaru maa las vejje

Where is my friend?: Koba magey rahumaiytheriyaa?

He / she is my friend: Eynaa akee magey rahumaiytheriyaa

I'm thirsty: Aharen mi huree karu hikkaafaa

I have a headache: Aharen mi ulhenee bolugaa rissaathee

Where are you going?: Kon thaakah thi dhany?

What do you think? : Kaleah heevanee kihineh?

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