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Learn How To Scuba Dive From Home!

Did you know that you can take scuba diving lessons from the comfort of your home?

Getting certified to scuba dive is an exciting and highly rewarding experience.

So, if you're feeling like you would like to learn something completely different and exciting - then, there's no better time than to complete the online course to become a professional scuba diver!

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The PADI eLearning cost is very reasonable and affordable, for what you get. You can get certified for life and the best part is that it can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, for example, the Open Water course takes up to 12 hours of studying.

From our own experience with completing the eLearning for the Open Water certification first, and then doing the confined and open water dives, it is true that you will not completely understand how everything works until you get into the ocean.

Nonetheless, what you can do now is use your time productively and start understanding the logic behind everything you’ll be soon doing in the water!

Why do the PADI e-learning courses?

PADI eLearning allows those interested in scuba diving to begin their education completely at their convenience. You can use a computer, laptop, phone or tablet to start learning all the information before even getting in the water.

Just like everyone else, you must complete an academic portion before putting on the gear and actually putting the theory to use. We did our eLearning before going to The Maldives, we completed it at our own pace and took our time.

What PADI courses are there (and their cost)?

The below prices are only for the PADI eLearning cost. The on-site diving portion will, of course, be extra and dependant on the dive shop.

  • Open Water Diver (a first dive certification for beginners) - $190

  • Advanced Open Water Diver - $178

  • Rescue Diver - $184

  • Divemaster - $251

  • Enriched Air Diver (specialty course for diving with enriched air Nitrox) - $180

  • Digital Underwater Photographer - $183

  • Instructor Development Course - $402

  • Dive Theory - $140

How does it work?

Once you pay for your eLearning, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a code that you then use to redeem your course. You will have to choose a dive shop at this time, so if you know where you plan on finishing your certification, you can choose that shop. It can be changed if you don't end up doing it there!

  1. Then, you can access your course on a desktop or through the app offline and work your way through the course material and learn a lot!

  2. The sections of the course have learning objectives and practice tests consisting of several questions, with a multiple choice quiz that is mandatory.

  3. If you don’t pass, you can re-take it until you do.

  4. When you finish the course and tests, you’ll have an e-record of your scores that you will give to your dive school to complete your certification!

So, if you're interested in doing this, we would say go for it! It's such an amazing activity that opens you up to the marvels of the underwater world. Don't miss out!

Here's a little bit more about us, Maldives Secrets, and what we do:

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