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A Complete Guide To Swimming With Sharks In The Maldives

What types of sharks are there in the Maldives?
Is it safe to swim with sharks?
Have there been any shark attacks in the Maldives?

This blog post about the sharks of The Maldives will answer all of your questions about sharks and if you're a shark-lover, where exactly you can swim with them!

The Maldives is literally paradise in earth for divers: the colourful reefs, the exotic marine life and most importantly, the diversity of sharks. If you're a keen diver (or simply want to learn how to dive) and wondering where to go on your next holiday, look no further - the Maldives has all you could ever wish for!

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Shark attacks are non existent in the Maldives. You will see many sharks, but they won't be interested in you and for the most part, are completely harmless. The reason why we are afraid and scared of sharks is because these predators routinely appear in movies as ferocious man-eaters—but in real life, they rarely harm humans at all.

Reassuring facts:

In fact, here are some international statistics about all sharks to reassure you:

  • The global average of shark attacks is on average 65 attacks per year. Of those 65 attacks per year, less than five are actually fatal.